Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Watch: Israel Adesanya Reacts To Usman’s UFC 278 KO Loss

Israel Adesanya had a genuine reaction watching the UFC 278 main event go down on Saturday night.

UFC 278 saw a new UFC welterweight champion crowned as Leon Edwards knocked out Kamaru Usman in the fifth round of their fight. Fans all over the world looked on in shock as the dominant champion Usman lay on the canvas.

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya was one of those fans. He filmed his live reactions to the fights on Saturday. The video was published on his YouTube channel over the weekend.

Israel Adesanya Had Mixed Feelings About UFC 278 Main Event Outcome

Adesanya has a relationship with both Edwards and Usman. He and Usman both share a similar background and have been campaigning together to represent Africa a UFC event. Seeing his friend lose was not easy for Adesanya, but it was alleviated a bit because he is also fond of the man who defeated him.

“What a finish, just like a real-life Rocky story because of his name Rocky Edwards, the new UFC welterweight champion,” he said. “As much as I’m happy for Leon, I’m more happy for Tim. Tim’s our manager and I know how much this meant to him. It’s bittersweet but so happy for Leon and Tim but then I’m so sad for Kamaru, but then I know the rematch, they will have a rematch clause.”

Adesanya broke down the fight quickly and said he thought Usman won the second, third, and fourth rounds. He credited Edwards’ coach for giving him a powerful speech and motivating him to come back and get that win. Adesanya is a veteran of the sport and knows that on any given night anyone can win.

“But this is the game though. We play this game. We wouldn’t do this sh-t. So congrats to both men and congratulate Leon Edwards the UFC Welterweight Champion,” Adesanya said.

Adesanya will have his day in the Octagon soon. He will be taking on Alex Pereira at UFC 281 On Nov. 12. Adesanya is always breaking down fights and giving his predictions and reaction. He is a student of the game and will most likely be learning and growing from watching the mistakes and skills of his UFC colleagues.

What did you think while watching the UFC 278 main event?

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