Sunday, September 25, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Comes Within Inches Of Spectacular Knockout

Demba Seck just barely missed out on landing what would have been a likely frontrunner for MMA’s Knockout of the Year.

Competing at EFC 96 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Seck closed out the event’s prelims in a featherweight bout against Stephan De la Rey. With De la Rey in top control late in the second round, Seck created some space before attempting a wild kick.

De la Rey was using both hands to hold his opponent’s left leg, which allowed the Senegalese featherweight to post off the mat and throw a wheel kick that just barely flew by De La Rey’s face. The momentum from the kick put Seck facedown on mat, which allowed “DQ” to quickly run in and jump on his back.

Seck went on to win the bout by split-decision and bring his pro record to 2-1, but no doubt the Senegalese fighter wishes he could have walked away with a highlight-reel finish had that kick landed.

Although the event’s final prelim bout went the distance, the main card of EFC 96 ended up featuring stoppages in all 5 fights.

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