Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter DQ’d After Ignoring Referee Warning

An amateur MMA fighter was disqualified from a recent MMA bout in Pennsylvania after appearing to disregard a warning from the referee.

Competing at Maverick MMA 20, Josh Ugalde and Omerao Kellom were scheduled to meet for the promotion’s vacant amateur lightweight title in Harmony, PA.

Following a competitive first round, Ugalde dove on a single leg takedown early in the second round and established top position. After quickly working into mount, the 24-year-old was briefly bucked off by Kellom before ending up back on top in side control.

Kellom proceeded to throw a few punches from bottom position that appeared to hit the back of Ugalde’s head, prompting an immediate warning from the referee.

The amateur MMA fighter immediately threw another pair of strikes to the same spot after the warning, which caused the ref to wave the bout off and cause a moment of confusion for both combatants.

Kellom Protests The Stoppage

The replay showed that the punches Kellom threw from bottom position weren’t particularly powerful, but they were quite clearly landing on the back of Ugalde’s head.

The referee once again indicated the fight was over after the lightweights got to their feet, which prompted a protest from Kellom where the 36-year-old looked like he wanted to continue the fight.

Kellom (bottom) was warned by the referee moments before being disqualified. (YouTube)

While Ugalde had initially appeared confused by the stoppage, the 24-year-old seemed satisfied with the outcome after the situation was presumably explained to him. The same could not be said for Kellom, who appeared to grow more frustrated and tried to approach the other amateur fighter in a threatening manner.

The situation was eventually diffused, and both fighters shared a hug before standing on either side of the referee for the result of the bout to be made official.

In addition to winning the Maverick MMA amateur lightweight title, Ugalde improved to 3-0 as an amateur fighter. The 36-year-old Kellom fell to 3-7 with the DQ loss in his debut for Maverick MMA.

What do you think of the referee’s decision to disqualify Kellom after he ignored a warning for striking the back of Ugalde’s head?

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