Thursday, October 6, 2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Slams His Opponent To Sleep At AUFC 40

MMA fighter Ahmed Abdelaziz showed no mercy to his opponent in earning a brutal slam knockout at Arabian Ultimate Fighting Championship 40.

Abdelaziz competed on the AUFC 40 card in Cairo, EG this past weekend. It didn’t take long for him to impose his will, pick up his opponent and slam him to the canvas for the finish.

Watch Abdelaziz pick up and throw his opponent to the mat four times before finally knocking him unconscious.

Abdelaziz’s slam knockout is reminiscent of Seth Pinedo’s finish earlier this year. It is a technique that is rarely seen in modern MMA even among the most dominant wrestlers in the sport.

You can find out where this slam KO landed on this week’s installment of The MMA News’ Top 10 Finishes of the Week right here!

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