Sunday, October 2, 2022

Actor Tom Hardy Wins His Second BJJ Gold Medal

Actor Tom Hardy has won his second BJJ tournament.

In the world of Hollywood, many times actors will have to embark on interesting journeys to learn new skills for upcoming roles. Whether it be new sports, taking up an art skill, or learning to sing, sometimes actors need to immerse themselves completely in a role. Actor Tom Hardy had to learn mixed martial arts for his previous roles, and it seems to have stuck.

Back in 2011, Hardy was playing an MMA fighter in the movie ‘Warrior’. For the role, he had to learn different martial arts including Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He must have taken to the sport and continued with it. He is now showing up at BJJ tournaments and winning.

Tom Hardy Is Showing Some Serous Skills On The Mat

According to Fox Sports, Hardy entered a BJJ tournament Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes on Saturday. Showing up at this local BJJ event, many people were surprised to see the actor there competing and winning. Hardy walked away with the gold medal and the respect of the crowd.

“He was brilliant. A lot of people were asking for photos, and coming up to him, and he had no problem with that all. The mums were all over him. It didn’t bother him,” event’s sponsor, Sean Rosborough said to The Sun. “And when he was fighting, he was focused on what he was doing. He’s amazing at Jiu-Jitsu.”

This is the second gold medal for Hardy who competed at another local event in August. Hardy is a big combat sports fan and can often be seen attending events when he is not training. He has posted photos of himself training BJJ and striking at both at Great Britain Top Team or at Elevate Martial Arts.

Do you think we will ever see Tom Hardy in the UFC?

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