Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Video: Adesanya Draws Attention With Unusual Training Routine

Israel Adesanya is getting ready for UFC 282 in a strange way.

When a UFC fighter steps foot in the Octagon, they have already spent hours upon hours of training for the bout. The days and weeks spent getting ready in training camp are sometimes never seen by the public, or minimal parts are revealed.

Israel Adesanya has his own YouTube channel and social media, and although most of the content he posts is of himself talking about other fights, he sometimes gives fans a glimpse into what he is up to.

Adesanya is one of the best in the UFC. He has been the champion of the middleweight division since 2019 and has successfully defended it five times. He is now getting ready for his next test, which could be his toughest yet.

Adesanya will be taking on Alex Pereira at UFC 281 in New York City on Nov. 12. This bout is personal for both men as they have fought twice before in kickboxing, with Pereira winning both times.

Israel Adesanya Is Utilizing An Interesting Approach To His Training

Adesanya’s nickname is “Stylebender” a play on a character from one of his favorite shows, “The Last Airbender.” In his latest training clip via ESPN, he seems to be bending some air himself as he dodges tennis balls sailing his way courtesy of a coach or friend.

Adesanya is an exciting fighter whose style is like no other. He has no problem hyping up his fights and he ports these kinds of videos added to his trailers and behind-the-scenes videos. Come November 12 fans will see if this sort of training is beneficial or not. With a win, we could be seeing more fighters take on these unique methods.

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