Friday, October 7, 2022

An Oklahoma City Teen Won A MMA World Championship Title

There is a new 14/15-year-old International MMA Federation World Champion.

The International MMA Federation (IMMAF) just concluded the 2022 Youth World Championships this past month. Young MMA fighters from over 22 countries got together in Abu Dhabi to compete to see who is the best.

There are different age groups beginning at 12 years old and children can qualify to represent their country. In the 14/15-year-old division, Taylor Ellis ended up on top.

Oklahoma Teen Beats Out Other Competitors From Around The World To Win IMMAF Title

Ellis who hails from Oklahoma City, OK is fairly new to MMA. The 15-year-old began her training with an interest in self-defense and realized that she was pretty good at it. Now she is the best in the world at her age and in her weight class. She spoke about her journey in MMA to 4 Oklahoma News.

“It’s kind of crazy, actually,” Ellis said. “Because again, three years ago before I started this, all I did was Girl Scouts.”

Ellis previously won a National title after just a few training sessions. Now she is devoted to the sport and trains four to five hours per day and competes in tournaments for wrestling and jiu-jitsu as well. She is working towards her blue belt in BJJ, but as a 15-year-old, she is on her way to being a force in the sport for many years. He father looks on as she does her MMA training and sees the potential in her.

“I don’t put anything on her,” Eillis’ father, Ronnie Hishaw said. “I just want her to enjoy the moment, live in the moment right now, have fun, continue to train hard, and be an inspiration.”

Hishaw specifies that although his daughter is determined and disciplined in her sport, she is still a regular teen who likes to hang out with friends and likes to go to the mall.

“This is what I’m going to do forever,” Ellis said. “Like, I love this feeling. It’s a great feeling.”

Ellis is full steam ahead on her MMA career and competing. She even wants to open her own gym one day.

Did you watch any of the Youth IMMAF World Championships?

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