Monday, November 28, 2022

Anderson Silva Gives Timeframe For Retirement

Anderson Silva has had a long and successful career in combat sports but isn’t ready to stop quite yet.

Anderson Silva has been at the top of the MMA world for several decades. He began in a professional fighting career at 22 years old and has not stopped since. He was a UFC champion and holds the record for most wins in a row. Many have Silva at the top of their greatest of all-time lists and for good reason.

Now that his 14-year run in the UFC has come to a close, some thought maybe retirement could be looming, but Silva has shut down those thoughts by shifting into a new career, boxing. He has embarked on a journey in the world of boxing at 46 years old and is showing fans that he still has what it takes to get a win in the ring.

Anderson Silva Lays Out His Roadmap To Retirement

Silva will be stepping into the ring against Jake Paul in his next outing. The undefeated young fighter has been making a name for himself by beating former MMA fighters. Silva isn’t just any fighter though, he has been known for his striking in his UFC days and has shown that he is a tough opponent in boxing as well.

Could this be a big money grab for Silva as he escapes from combat sports with a full bank account? He explains a little bit more about when he thinks he will hang up the gloves for good as a guest on The MMA Hour.

Anderson Silva
Image Credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

“When I’m done, I’m done,” he said. “I just close the door, this is part of my past, thank you, and I’m out. But right now, I’m good. I’m continuing doing something very good, doing sparring with good kids, professional fighters, Olympic champions. The guys have helped me a lot and I’m continuing doing something at the same level as the kids… I don’t know (if I’ll fight at 50). I think I’ll do fighting with my grandchildren in the home… I think my last fight will be at 49. 49 is the number.”

That magic number is just two years away for Silva, but she still has more he would like to accomplish. He spoke about wanting to enter jiu-jitsu contests after his match with Paul. He explained how he loves to compete and wants to continue to test himself.

If Silva defeats Paul, there should be the opportunity for a rematch and even more money. As long as Silva is happy and getting fight offers it seems he will continue to fight.

What do you think of Anderson Silva fighting until 49 years old?