Monday, October 3, 2022

Anderson Silva Rejects Narrative Ahead Of Jake Paul

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva feels his reputation isn’t at risk ahead of his boxing match against Jake Paul.

Silva will return to the boxing ring against Paul in a Showtime pay-per-view headliner on Oct. 29. This is his first fight in the ring since a knockout of UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz last September.

The 47-year-old Silva is still competing at a high level in combat sports despite his high mileage in fighting. He still appears in peak physical shape and will look to be the first boxer to defeat Paul in the ring.

Love him or hate him, Paul is the catalyst of strong emotions on both sides of the conversation. He has taken over boxing and has become arguably the biggest heel in combat sports today.

As he gets ready for the biggest boxing match of his career, Silva isn’t looking at it any differently than any of his tough matchups in the UFC Octagon.

Anderson Silva Isn’t Feeling Pressure Ahead Of Jake Paul Fight

Jake Paul, Anderson Silva

In a recent media scrum, Silva was asked if he feels there’s a lot on the line for him against Paul.

“Definitely not, definitely not,” Silva said. “I came here to do my best. I’m training hard every day, and fighters fight.

“You have two fighters inside the ring. Two fighters have 50 percent to win. I have 50 percent and Jake has 50 percent. It doesn’t matter if people say, ‘Oh, it’s not a real fighter or not.’ But when you go inside the ring, you don’t go to stop, you go to kill, you go to die. That’s the point.”

Silva is widely regarded as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time following a record-breaking tenure in the Octagon. He has transitioned to boxing full-time with relative ease, including recent wins over Julio César Chávez Jr. and Ortiz.

Silva is used to pressure-fueled moments but doesn’t believe MMA and combat sports fans will look at him any differently should he lose to Paul next month.

Is Anderson Silva’s legacy on the line for his boxing match against Jake Paul?

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