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Archives: Brazilian Amateur MMA Fighter Dies From Head Injury (2021)

On this day one year ago, we covered the tragic death of Lucas Gabriel Peres.

Sadly, there have been multiple similar stories this year in addition to the article published on this day last year.

In March, MMA fighter Christian Lubenga passed away just two days after his debut. And in a story published last week, his widow spoke out about the risks of fighting.

In June, there was the grim story of boxer Simiso Buthelezi who died shortly after a boxing match where he was seen punching the air in what was a deeply troubling video. The very same week, we reported on a teenage boxer who died soon after competing in an amateur tournament.

In July, we covered the death of an Indian fighter following a knockout loss in a kickboxing match. And just last month, there was the story of a Nigerian teenage boxer who died following a hard sparring session.

Below, we revisit a similar story from last year concerning Lucas Gabriel Peres.

The following story is presented to you in its original, unaltered form, courtesy of The MMA News Archives.


Headline: Brazilian Amateur MMA Fighter Dies From Head Injury

Author: Doug Murray

A Brazilian Amateur MMA fighter named Lucas Gabriel Peres has unfortunately passed away after sustaining a head injury from a fight he had on September 11.

According to a Brazilian news outlet called G1, the 22-year old lost his life and the death certificate cites head trauma injuries as the cause of death. Following his fight, Peres complained about headaches just hours after his bout. Concerned family members decided to take him to the hospital in Campo Mourao, Brazil.

As the amateur fighter’s condition deteriorated, he was transferred to a different hospital. After being declared dead on Saturday, local medical authorities have decided to investigate the loss of life further.

As of this writing, the combat sports entity that hosted the fight has yet to comment on the tragic death of Lucas Gabriel Peres. For as long as combat sports have been around, there have not been many deaths directly caused by trauma sustained inside the MMA cage.

In an effort to draw attention to this scary issue, World Rugby medical advisor Dr. Barry O’Driscoll shared his thoughts about the head trauma sustained in full-contact sports. In addition, he also conveyed a desire for requisite changes to take effect for the safety of athletes around the world.

“We all know over the last few years the worries that come about because of head injuries and the worries that have come about with mild head injuries and mild concussion.” Dr. Barry O’Driscoll stated.

“And yet, here we are watching people left incapable after being hit around the head. What sort of a world are we living in?” O’Driscoll said.

With the recent loss of Peres due to head trauma, certainly, more attention will be paid to the safety of the fighter following a respective fight. The MMA rules committee will be evaluating the safety of the oblique kick, and perhaps they will address the issue of head trauma as well. Unfortunately, these tragedies happen in boxing too and fans often forget after time has passed. However, head trauma and safety remain some of the most difficult issues to prepare for in MMA today.

Do you think changes need to occur in MMA to protect fighters from head trauma?