Saturday, September 24, 2022

Sonnen: Angry English Fans Tried Banning Me From YouTube

Chael Sonnen has made a name in the world of MMA for going out of his way to talk trash about people, but it recently almost backfired.

While Sonnen did most of his heavy trash talking in the prime of his UFC career, he has spent time since retiring poking fun at the likes of Jon Jones, Mike Tyson, and more. However, it was his recent video criticizing Leon Edwards and his massive upset title winning performance, that got me American Gangster a bit of backlash.

Chael Sonnen Gets Threatened By England

According to a video that Sonnen posted to his YouTube channel, a previous video posted by the former UFC title challenger got him in some hot water with the English fan base. In this prior video, which was a reaction to the UFC 278 main event, he said that Leon Edwards was a cheater, and was called out by referee Herb Dean for breaking the rules by grabbing the fence.

Apparently viewers had a problem with this depiction of events, and flooded the comments section of this video to point out how Edwards’s opponent also cheated, but just did not get caught. In fact, Sonnen claims that people were so upset by his dismissal of Usman’s violations in the cage at UFC 278, that they tried to report his video for misinformation and get it removed from YouTube.

“I love what Leon did. I loved that moment for him. I said that he cheated to get there. Now, I was met with a massive resistance,” Sonnen said.

“There was a movement by a small group in England to have me banned from YouTube for misinformation. Now I’m assuming it was a little bit tongue-in-cheek, but this was in the comments section and this was real, and they were trying to pick up steam and figure out how to do it.”

To back up his point about why Leon Edwards cheated and Kamaru Usman did not, Chael Sonnen went on to explain that by definition, having the referee warn Edwards about an infraction means that he officially cheated.

Either way, it is interesting to note that Edwards has such a rabid fan base that they would try to ban “The Bad Guy” from YouTube.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen about Leon Edwards cheating?

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