Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chael Sonnen: ‘Everytime I See Mike Tyson, He’s Got His Hand Out’

Chael Sonnen is tired of hearing about Mike Tyson asking people for money.

It was recently revealed that the streaming giant Hulu released a fictionalized docuseries about Mike Tyson. The only problem with that is the former heavyweight champion of the world claims that he was not paid any money for the company to tell his story, a fact that resulted in UFC President Dana White turning down promotional opportunities to work with Hulu in a deal that would have apparently netted him millions of dollars.

Chael Sonnen Thinks Mike Tyson Wants Handouts

The idea that Hulu should pay Mike Tyson for using his story in a fictionalized television show is something that Chael Sonnen takes umbrage with. He took to his YouTube channel to explain why he does not believe it makes sense for that to be the case at all.

It was here that Sonnen made the case that just because you are telling a famous person’s story does not mean that you should have to pay that person to tell the story. He explains that since Tyson did not contribute to the series in any way, and is not even in the credits, there is no reason for Hulu to compensate him for doing nothing to help create or market the show.

He then took things to a slightly personal level, by saying that the reason Mike Tyson is asking for money is because he has spent his athletic career and time since retiring getting handouts without actually giving back. To back this claim up, Sonnen insinuates that Tyson is involved in the marijuana industry without knowing much about marijuana, and is just collecting a check.

“Every time I see Mike Tyson, he’s got his hand out asking for somebody to give him something,” Sonnen said. “Within his fight career, there was no risk. He wasn’t signing the front of checks, he was signing the back of paychecks. Somebody give me something. He’s a prizefighter, he didn’t do anything wrong.

“But I’m seeing it now as well. Apparently, Mike Tyson is in the marijuana business, in all fairness. And I’m not looking to be a dick — well maybe a little bit of a dick, but he can’t spell marijuana,” Sonnen continued. “That is not meant to be a metaphor for something. If you asked him to spell marijuana for you, he can’t do it, but he’s in the marijuana business.”

Chael Sonnen concluded the video by saying that he understands where people are coming from, wanting to support a legend that has inspired generations of boxers. However, he says that there is no precedent for people to get paid for a show to be made about them without doing anything to contribute to it.

What do you think of this verbal onslaught from Chael Sonnen, about Mike Tyson?

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