Monday, December 5, 2022

Watch: Costa & Chimaev Nearly Come To Blows At UFC PI

Paulo Costa has posted a video of an altercation he had with Khamzat Chimaev inside the UFC Performance Institute.

Chimaev is set to face Nate Diaz in the UFC 279 main event this Saturday night. A win over Diaz could potentially put him next in line for a shot at the welterweight title against the Kamaru Usman/Leon Edwards trilogy winner.

Chimaev has carried himself as an ‘anywhere, at any time’ type of mixed martial artist. He is as game as they come in the UFC and has emerged as one of the sport’s fastest-rising stars.

While Chimaev hasn’t created many sincere enemies, he nearly caused chaos to ensue at the UFC PI. He and Costa nearly came to blows before others intervened to keep the two separated.

Jake Shields Was The First To Speak On Altercation

During a recent interview with MMA Junkie, former MMA fighter Jake Shields explained what went down between Chimaev and Costa.

“I was there this morning, working out with Paulo Costa, going through some techniques and some drilling, and then all of the sudden we hear on the side of the cage Khamzat starts yelling at us, cussing out Paulo ‘well you want to fight?’ So we look over and it’s him and 10 dudes,” Shields explained regarding Chimaev.

“So Paulo jumps up, starts talking shit, I run over to back up Paulo, because I don’t know if they’re trying to jump him. I recognized a couple of guys, I wasn’t sure they probably wouldn’t jump me. We had a bunch of guys that didn’t recognize who ran over start talking shit and then you know…’Let’s fight now. Let’s fight now.’

“But as he’s saying that he’s walking down the stairs. It seemed like it was kind of more of an act maybe more for cameras more than anything. I guess someone said afterwards he had been scoping us out for 10 minutes, he wanted to fight Paulo, run in there and start swinging on him… it seemed like a weak thing, I think that’s why he was upset because Paulo called him a fake gangster and it kind of was a perfect example of him being a fake gangster.”

Paulo Costa Posts Video Of Altercation With Commentary

Mere minutes after our initial story of Jake Shields sharing his version of events was published, Paulo Costa posted a video on his YouTube channel that gave his side of the story along with footage of the altercation.

“And (Chimaev) said my name. He called me to talk. And I went there, I faced him. He said, ‘Hey, Borrachinha, why you talk about me?’ (LAUGHS) I say, ‘Man, why I talk about you? You want to fight me?’ He said, ‘No, I want to know why you talk about me.’

“(I replied), ‘If you beat Nate Diaz, I want to fight you.’ And he froze! He say, (Dumfounded facial expression), ‘OK, so let’s fight now.’ And his whole team (went) to the middle between me and him. Man, this guy is scared. He’s scared as fuck! And I will show for you guys the whole video. Go look.”

While Costa has ruffled some feathers of his fighting colleagues, Chimaev and Costa don’t have any public history of bad blood. And it is unclear what Chimaev was referring to when he allegedly asked Costa why he was ‘talking about’ him.

Costa would close out the video by mocking Chimaev for being accompanied by so many people while the Brazilian stood strong as an ‘army of one.’

UPDATE: Second Video Released Of Chimaev/Costa Altercation

Below, you can find another video of the altercation with a clearer audio between both parties.

What do you make of this encounter between Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa?