Monday, December 5, 2022

Chris Barnett Broke Into MMA Through His Dancing Skills

UFC fighter Chris Barnett has told of how he started dancing so well that he was offered an MMA tryout.

Most recently taking out Jake Collier, Chris Barnett is on a roll. Always dancing on the way to, in, and around the cage, it has led many to wonder if the happy-go-lucky heavyweight had dabbled in the B-Boy lifestyle before.

Known for his highlight real friendly style that is unfitting on a man of his stature, UFC fighter Barnett gained his unnatural heavyweight flexibility from dancing. “Beastboy”, formerly known as “Huggy Bear” gave an interview to ironically, about his 340lb dancer days. 

“Actually, my story, that’s how I got into MMA was (from dancing). I was at a club in Tampa, dancing at Peabody’s. We were in there dancing, getting our breakdancing on, everything”

Chris Barnett

Apparently, the UFC fighter was channeling some inner Carl Douglas (somebody will get it), and it caught the attention of XFC. They promptly invited him to tryouts, having fairly few super heavyweight options available. Barnett wasn’t even fully lucid when he created the impression that he was a proficient fighter.

“I’m at least 10 shots in. We’re done, what dance moves he saw were probably a bunch of drunken kung fu, that’s probably what he saw. It was MMA tryouts for XFC”

The only problem for the now UFC fighter was the time and date of the tryouts, which was two hours from the time he was told of their existence.

UFC Fighter Talks Drunk Tryout

“I show up, two of the coaches, we are doing drills, he goes, ‘somebody been drinking?’ I was like, ‘yeah that guy, it was him over there.’ 

The big man almost had a conscience about the incident. Almost.

“I wanted to tell him it was me but the look this guy was giving, he was like this is unacceptable. I got saved by this little dude, he was I think a 135er. He out of nowhere just threw up and I was like, ‘yeah, he’s definitely been drinking. Look at him, he’s gotta go.’”

The UFC fighter managed to escape the wrath of his soon-to-be boss, and the rest is history. It does beg the question though, what happened to the dismissed bantamweight?

How do you rate Chris Barnett’s dance moves?