Monday, October 3, 2022

Chris Barnett Says Over-Dramatic Doctor Halted Weight Cut

Chris Barnett has opened up on his wild weekend.

Not many had a more dramatic weekend than heavyweight Chris Barnett, who missed weight before stopping Jake Collier.

Very much an elegant wrecking ball in the cage, he told firstly of his reasons behind the missed weight. This made him the second heavyweight in history to do so behind Justin Tafa. He explained the weird circumstances that led to it when speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“I take full responsibility. I should have come in under regardless.” Barnett then offered a prefixed disclaimer to the story he is about to tell.

“So we get to the doctor, and he is like, ‘Let me take your standing heart rate or whatever.’ He checks and it’s high. I’m like, ‘Dude, what you gotta understand is if I tie my shoes wrong, my heart rate’s high.”

At 5’9″ and still one of the heaviest heavyweights in the division, it takes a hard-working heart to keep it all moving. Barnett saw nothing out of the ordinary in his weight cut, other than the actions of the overly involved doctor.

Barnett Could Have Made Weight

“So he is looking at me saying my body’s hot, ”you’re this, you’re that, I don’t want you to cut this pound’. “I’m telling you right now, word for word.” Barnett offered in ways of an impersonation. “He says ”I’m telling you right now, if I let you cut this pound and a half, I am condemning you to lose”.

Chris Barnett

Chris Barnett offered a flabbergasted response to the comment. His coach tried to talk the good-doing doctor out of it, but the doctor offered up his own “gotcha” moment.

“‘Watch this, in 5 minutes I’m going to check again and his heart rate is going to be higher than it was,'” predicted the doctor, who struck with Nostradamus-type accuracy.

“Of course, it is when he comes back over, it’s higher the second time, so he goes, ”No! You can fight tomorrow, but you’re not cutting this pound and a half.”

Chris Barnett was still sweating on the way to the Apex. He was reminded later that Venom shorts could, when wet, weigh up to a pound and a half. The doctor, though, put Barnett in his place, telling him that he had “been doing this since the Gracies.” What that has to do with Barnett’s weight loss was never shared with Barnett.

Do you have more sympathy for Barnett after learning about this story?

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