Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Claressa Shields Reacts To Cris Cyborg’s Boxing Debut

Boxing champ Claressa Shields is congratulating Cris Cyborg on her first boxing win.

It looks as if there is a new MMA fighter turned boxer on the block. Former UFC champion and current Bellator featherweight champion Cris Cyborg has just won her first boxing match.

After a long and successful career in MMA, Cris Cyborg has been wanting to try her hand at boxing for some time now. She has been talking about this possibility and has even mentioned some boxers she wanted to face. Now that she has that converted first win, she can begin to check bouts and opponents off of her list.

One multi-time boxing champ that Cyborg has been wanting to face inside the squared circle is Claressa Shields. Shields and Cyborg are friendly with each other. They have trained together before and helped each other transition to the other sport.

Shields has begun fighting in MMA and has been a bit critical of Cyborg’s path to boxing. She was not entirely jazzed on the choice of opponent for Cyborg but came around and congratulated her friend on the win.

“Congrats @criscyborg !!!!!! Welcome to boxing chicka,” Shields wrote on Twitter.

Cris Cyborg Won Her First Boxing Match By Unanimous Decision

Cyborg was originally going to face a fighter named Jessica McCaskill who had a record of 17-14. Shields thought Cyborg could have been taking on a tougher opponent with a better record. Ultimately, Cyborg faced Simone Silva with her record of 17-21.

Now that Cyborg has a win under her belt, she may be able to work her way up to a fight with Shields. Both have the name recognition to earn a big money fight with the right promotion.

Cyborg is still planning to fight in MMA as well, as is Shields. Shields has had two MMA fights so far, both in PFL, and has a record of 1-1.

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