Saturday, September 24, 2022

MMA Community Reacts To Aspen Ladd’s Latest Weight Miss

Aspen Ladd has missed weight for the fourth time in her UFC career, and the MMA community is not letting her off easily.

At one point, Ladd was considered one of the brightest prospects that the UFC’s 135lb division had to offer, going undefeated in her first 8 bouts as a pro. However, she has since become synonymous with having a tough weight cut at every fight, being a part of some of the most terrifying weigh-in moments in UFC history, and having multiple fights canceled due to her inability to safely make the bantamweight limit.

Aspen Ladd Gets Brutalized Online

Given how routine of an issue Ladd’s weight cuts have become, fans were watching closely during the UFC Vegas 60 weigh-ins. Unfortunately, she would miss weight for the fourth time since signing with the UFC in 2017, and her fifth time overall, causing her bout with Sara McMann to get canceled.

Following this mishap, the MMA community completely brutalized her on social media. The Twitter world was abuzz with people calling for her to change weight classes and making jokes at her expense.

“I heard Aspen Ladd flipped the double bird and yelled this is Chechnya MFR and walked off,” Terrence McKinney wrote, referencing the recent weight debacle from Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279.

“Signing to fight Aspen Ladd is a guaranteed 30% pay increase,” one user quipped, although this is not exactly true if her fights keep getting canceled due to her weight misses.

“Aspen Ladd missed weight again. She blamed it on Dominick Cruz getting his period,” quipped MMA comedian Adam Hunter.

“Of Aspen Ladd’s 16 signed UFC Bantamweight bouts, she has: – Missed weight or withdrawn due to a botched weight cut 25% of the time. Eliminating bouts cancelled due to injury, she has: – Missed weight or withdrawn due to a botched weight cut 36% of the time.” another user poignantly noted.

“Aspen Ladd when it’s time to make weight,” user Kevin Thang wrote, again referencing Chimaev.

“If I sucked at fighting and couldn’t make weight for 3 straight years, I would be Aspen Ladd,” someone harshly wrote.

“3 things that are guaranteed in life – Death – Taxes – Aspen Ladd to miss weight” someone joked.

Only 2 of Aspen Ladd’s last 8 scheduled fights have actually ended up coming to fruition 🥴Bad weight cuts, COVID, opponent injuries. Cursed,” user Hannah Rose noted.

“Aspen Ladd miss weight once again. 138lbs for her fight against Sara McMann. I have no idea why she didn’t move up to 145lbs several years ago. She can’t make 135lbs anymore,” tweeted media member Adam Martin.

“Would anyone even accept a 135-pound fight with Aspen Ladd anymore? The frequency of her fights being straight up canceled due to weight misses would scare me off if I was offered a fight against her. It’s a natural consequence,” wrote Scott Fontana.

This is quite the amount of pushback from the MMA community on Aspen Ladd, but it is not entirely undeserved. With this fight once again being canceled due to her not being able to make the bantamweight limit, it will be interesting to see what the UFC chooses to do with her.

Do you want to see Aspen Ladd move up to featherweight?

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