Thursday, December 8, 2022

Dana White Donates To Help A Fighter After Losing His Legs

Dana White is helping out a fighter after a horrible accident.

UFC President Dana White is giving money to help a fighter in need. John Esposito, a Muay Thai fighter from New Jersey was working at his job on a road crew when he was struck from behind by a car.

Esposito was pinned between the car and a trailer and after hospitalization and multiple surgeries lost both of his legs. Esposito was a fighter for many years and following his accident was determined to back to fighting.

The accident happened in December of 2021, and months later, Esposito was back in the gym. He wanted to get back in the ring and began hitting pads from a wheelchair while learning to use prosthetic legs.

His determination was shown to those around him, and they have set up a Go Fund Me to help him get back in the fight. The cause was created by Liam Tarrant of the Muay Thai Project. The Muay Thai Project, alongside helping people like Esposito, helps kids and teens with Muay Thai scholarship programs and fundraising.

Esposito will be participating in a charity event where he and his friends and family will hike 3.5 miles, train together, and then BBQ.

More widespread attention was brought to Esposito and his comeback story when Tarrant was a guest on UFC fighter Angela Hill’s Podcast called “Ceremonial Weigh-In.” It appears that this is where White heard about this amazing story and decided to help out.

Dana White Has Stepped In To Donate To This Cause

White donated 10,000 dollars to Esposito and helped his total reach almost 30K. All the proceeds will go to his recovery and training to return to fighting. The funds will also go to helping Esposito return to his home after spending months in a hotel while his place is made more accessible.

Would you please consider donating to this cause if you can?