Monday, December 5, 2022

Dana White Has Been Trying To Stop Mario Lopez From Sparring

While celebrities fighting is all the rage right now, Dana White is trying to get his friend and Saved By The Bell alum Mario Lopez to make some changes.

As the UFC President, there are few people who are as familiar with the effects of combat sports on the brain than White, other than people who have been fighting their whole lives. He has seen firsthand how getting hit in the head too many times can mess you up down the road, even having to step in and try to stop the likes of Chuck Liddell from taking any more unnecessary damage.

It turns out that it is more than just fighters that Dana White tries to step in and offer advice to; he also is trying to do the same thing with actor Mario Lopez. Lopez has been a longstanding advocate for MMA, training in striking and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for many years, and actually showing some skill, at least as far as celebrity fighters go.

Mario Lopez

However, White explained while speaking on The Action Junkeez podcast, that he has actually been trying to convince Lopez to stop sparring. He says that he feels like it is super unnecessary to take this type of trauma to your brain, unless it is something you are trying to do for a living.

“I tell all these guys this. What the fuck are you doing sparring? Why? You don’t fight anymore?” White said. “There’s no upside. None… If you don’t fight for a living and get paid shit loads of money to do it, stop sparring. It’s not worth it. I keep telling fucking Mario Lopez too. Stop sparring. Mario can fight, man. People don’t realize that guy can really fight, but he makes shitloads of money doing other stuff, why would you do this? Why would you get in there? It’s just this macho fucking thing, and that’s it.”

It is respectable that Dana White is trying to save the brain health of one of his friends by encouraging Mario Lopez to stop sparring. However, many fighters have complained about the UFC not showing that same level of care for the health and wellness of active members on their roster.

Do you agree with Dana White about the negative effects of sparring?