Saturday, September 24, 2022

Daukaus Tells The Rock: “Your Shoes F*cking Suck”

UFC heavyweight contender Chris Daukaus has become the latest to provide a fairly damning assessment of the promotion’s shoe partnership with The Rock.

Late last month, the MMA leader announced that Project Rock, created by former WWE figure and current Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson, had launched its first-ever co-branded footwear, the Project Rock x UFC BSR 2 and Project Rock Slides.

As part of the deal, UFC fighters have been handed the shoes as part of their official fight kits, with the athletes in action at UFC Paris marking the first to don the new footwear.

But while the shoes have been branded as “for those who walk the walk,” it appears many UFC fighters would rather make the walk in anything but the Project Rock gear…

Daukaus Shares Diaz Sentiment On Project Rock

During UFC 279 fight week earlier this month, Nate Diaz made his views on the shoe clear during an interview with Megan Olivi, exclaiming that they “f*cking suck.”

Well, it appears that description is a popular one.

Appearing on The AllStar’s UFC Vegas 60 recap show, heavyweight Chris Daukaus discussed the new partnership. After giving the same assessment as Diaz, the Philadelphian explained the issues.

“Dude, they f*cking suck. They f*cking suck,” Daukaus said. “They’re f*cking sh*tty-ass shoes, man… They are the f*cking worst. Listen, I’m not a big shoe guy… I’ve got like, sh*tty New Balances — I’m a dad… I’m not a sneaker guy. These sneakers f*cking suck. They really do suck. They’re uncomfortable, super tight, big — they f*cking suck.

“Talk sh*t about the Reebok deal, (but) the quality of shoe with Reebok, way better in my opinion. I’m just not a fan or Under Armour shoes… They just suck. Sorry Rock. You can find me, I’m in Philadelphia. Come if you wanna say something, your shoes f*cking suck,” Daukaus added.

As well as the comfort, or apparent lack of, Project Rock X UFC has also been criticized for not granting fighters a cut from the deal. Lightweight prospect Terrance McKinney has been vocal about the matter on social media, encouraging Johnson to be in fighters’ corner.

Daukaus highlighted McKinney’s pleas, and admitted that he was tempted to follow on from it with a tweet of his own.

“I seen T-Wrecks tweeting sh*t out about The Rock and all that sh*t, Terrance McKinney. I seen him tweeting all that sh*t out,” Daukaus noted. “I wanted to jump on the bandwagon like, ‘Yeah dude, these f*cking suck,’ but also like, I like getting paid, so didn’t wanna tweet out. But yeah, the shoes f*cking suck.”

With the partnership still in its early days, it stands to reason that more views will emerge as more fighters are made to wear the footwork pre-fight.

What do you make of the negative reception that The Rock’s shoe partnership with the UFC has received from fighters?

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