Monday, December 5, 2022

Derek Brunson Lays Down Challenge To Celebrities Who “Play MMA”

Derek Brunson is not the first person to say you don’t play MMA, but he is certainly saying it now.

It is impossible to deny that Brunson has worked incredibly hard and devoted his life to being the best he can be at unarmed combat. All of this effort has clearly paid off as well, as he is now one of the top-ranked fighters in the UFC‘s middleweight division, having won five of his last six fights against the best fighters at 185lb.

Derek Brunson Has A Message

There has been a recent trend of celebrities trying their hand at combat sports, with everything from Jake Paul boxing to Hollywood mega star Tom Hardy crushing it in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. However, it would appear that Derek Brunson has some serious thoughts about the way things are moving in this direction.

Taking to his Twitter, Brunson noted the fact that all of these celebrities are doing other combat sports instead of MMA. He seemingly believes this is proof that MMA is the hardest combat sport there is, and it is not a game that famous people can just pick up and play.

“Still waiting for a celebrity outside of mma, to gain the courage to step inside the octagon . #youDONTplayMMA” Brunson wrote.

Some fans rightly pointed out to Brunson in the comments of this post that there has been an example of a celebrity doing MMA, with WWE star CM Punk competing in the UFC without any prior martial arts experience, much less an MMA background.

That said, this could be the exception that proves the rule, as Punk was completely demolished in his two outings under the UFC banner.

Given the current landscape of the combat sports world, it is not out of the realm of possibility at another celebrity will eventually try MMA. On the other hand, Derek Brunson raises a good point, in that this sport is a different level of commitment.

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