Monday, December 5, 2022

Driver Who Killed MMA Ring Girl Given Trial Date After 5 Years

A new court date has been set in a case in Missouri involving the motor vehicle death of an MMA ring girl from 2017.

Kaylee Priscu was on her way to work as an MMA ring girl in Missouri in April 2017 when she was rear-ended on Interstate 270, according to Fox 2 Now. The Missouri State Highway Patrol report from the incident detailed that the driver who hit the 18-year-old had a suspended license and was speeding at the time of the collision.

It might be assumed that the driver was immediately taken into custody given the details of the police report, but Priscu’s mother Crystal says it’s been a far more difficult process than that.

“She was less than 5 minutes from her destination,” the MMA ring girl’s mother said. “My first thing was, ‘So he was arrested, right?’ And their response was, ‘No.’ On top of the shock that your child is gone, it’s, ‘What do you mean, no?’”

Driver Has Continually Delayed Trial

In 2018, Brent Plumlee received a pair of misdemeanor charges of careless and imprudent driving as well as driving with a revoked/suspended license for his role in the crash. The 56-year-old has yet to be tried for the actions that resulted in the MMA ring girl’s death.

“We have been at this for five and a half years and this person has yet to step foot in a courtroom,” Crystal said.

The accident occured 2 days before Kaylee’s 19th birthday.

Plumlee has managed to hold off a trial by repeatedly asking for delays and switching attorneys on several occasions. During that time the 56-year-old was once again at fault for a crash in St. Charles, MO that left him and two other people in the hospital.

Plumlee was originally set to go to trial in 2019 for the 2017 crash that left Priscu dead, and the current date set for the 56-year-old is May 2023.

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