Sunday, September 25, 2022

UFC 279’s Elise Reed Tells What She Yelled At Cormier Mid-Fight

Elise Reed had some words for Daniel Cormier, both during and after her UFC 279 bout with Melissa Martinez.

Although her opponent was undefeated prior to facing her, Reed was still the slight favorite heading into the UFC 279 contest, and shortly after the fight started it was understandable why the odds were the way they were. While the three-round contest was competitive, it was no surprise that she was the one to get her hand raised by the end of it.

Elise Reed Had Words For Daniel Cormier

The most standout moment from this fight was when Elise Reed shouted at the commentary booth during the fight. She then followed this up by having a conversation with Daniel Cormier after the contest as well.

When asked about this by media at the post-fight press conference, Reed explained that she heard the commentators talking about her potent right hand, and shouted at them to acknowledge it. Then when talking to DC afterwards, she was expressing to the Olympic wrestler, that she had been working on her wrestling skills.

“(The commentators) mentioned the right hand, when I dropped the right hand. So I was like ‘Yeah, I heard you,'” Reed said. “The ground game is a huge thing that I can improve on, as well as the wrestling, so I just said I’m getting better at wrestling a little bit, that’s it.

“I’m not mad at any of the commentators. I wouldn’t fight any of the commentators. I’m here to put on a show for everybody, and obviously they’re commentating for a reason, because they know what they’re looking at. So I just want to get on the same page with them, that’s it,” Reed added.

There has been a lot of criticisms of the UFC commentary team lately, but it seems that Elise Reed is not one of the people with complaints. After this impressive win, it will be interesting to see where this rising prospect goes next.

Were you impressed by the improved ground game of Elise Reed?

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