Sunday, September 25, 2022

EXCLUSIVE | Bubba Jenkins Pitches Idea To Fix Fighter Pay

PFL featherweight finalist Bubba Jenkins wants to take it upon himself to help universally change fighter pay across MMA.

Jenkins defeated Ryoji Kudo in the semifinals of the PFL Playoffs last month. He’ll now face Brendan Loughnane for the PFL featherweight title in November as well as a $1 million grand prize.

What makes the PFL so unique is the fact that at the end of each season, each division’s champion earns a life-changing $1 million paycheck along with a belt. Jenkins will have the opportunity to win his first major promotional title following stints in Bellator and Brave CF.

Fighter pay has become a hot topic in recent years as fighters such as Francis Ngannou, Jorge Masvidal, and others have spoken in favor of better compensating athletes. Jenkins may have an idea to help fighters earn more without stepping on the toes of the big bosses.

PFL Star Bubba Jenkins Wants To Fix Fighter Pay With Something As Simple As An App

During an exclusive interview with MMA News, Jenkins proposed a new way to better compensate fighters.

“I was thinking of a way for the crowd to help tip,” Jenkins said. “You tip the bartender, you tip the waitress, you tip the taxi driver on the way there… but then you get to the fights and some of these guys are fighting, and the loser only gets half his check and then has to pay his camp, injuries he took…we don’t tip those guys who probably won the fight but ended up losing a decision.

“‘Tip a Fighter’ is a platform where you can tip the fighter as well as you feel is needed…I still own it and I’m gonna bring it back later in life. It has to continue to be talked about, it has to continue to be brought up. And us fighters have to stick together on that topic and know that yeah there’s a small percentage of his really getting paid, but I’m still gonna talk about it after I win the $1 million dollars.”

According to Tapology, Jenkins has accumulated $127,000 over his professional MMA career. A win in the championships would change his life forever and bring him financial security.

Jenkins is one of the most vocal personalities in the PFL and has credited the league for how it continues to handle fighter pay. Fighters such as Anthony Pettis, Kayla Harrison, and others have made millions during their time with the league.

Jenkins believes we have a long way to go to properly address the fighter pay issue, though he plans on winning a PFL title and using the new platform to bring awareness to the topic.

What do you think about Bubba Jenkins’ idea?

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