Sunday, December 4, 2022

Watch: Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard Jizzy Gets Brutally KO’d

While Floyd Mayweather scored a big knockout in his return to Japan, his bodyguard Jizzy was not as lucky.

While most of the attention surrounding Rizin 38 came from the boxing match between Mayweather and Mikuru Asakura, there was a fight on the undercard that was likely of interest to at least “Pretty Boy” Floyd, himself. This was his bodyguard, Ray Sadeghi, AKA Jizzy Mack, who took on a much lighter opponent in Japanese kickboxer Kouzi, in an exhibition bout.

Jizzy Mack Gets Brutalized

Unfortunately, it turns out yet again, that just by being larger, and being around a world champion boxer routinely, does not make Jizzy Mack an innately good boxer. In the end, despite being a longtime bodyguard, he did not have the skills to back himself up in the ring.

The contest would only last three rounds, with Jizzy getting dropped before Kouzi finished him off with a TKO stoppage early in the third and final round. Video of the finish was uploaded to Twitter by Rizin, where fans can see Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard suffering defeat at the hands of the 33-year old.

Jizzy Mack is not the first bodyguard of a fighter who has tried to compete in the same sport as his client. Perhaps the most famous example came from MMA, when DADA 5000 went from being the bodyguard of street fighter turned MMA star Kimbo Slice, to the two of them throwing down in the Bellator cage in one of the worst fights in MMA history.

While it is unfortunate for Jizzy Mack that he was knocked out like this, he can consider himself lucky that he did not suffer cardiac arrest during the fight. Some people might consider that a win in itself.

Do you think Floyd Mayweather will replace Jizzy Mack as his bodyguard after this knockout loss?