Saturday, September 24, 2022

Gillian Robertson Reacts To Breaking Records, Chasing Oliveira

Gillian Robertson reacts to breaking six divisional records, a WMMA record, and tying a men’s flyweight record with her win over Mariya Agapova.

Robertson pulled off a must-see comeback-of-the-year contending RNC, smashing multiple records in the processes.

The first round wasn’t looking great for Robertson, as she ate hammer fists and elbows from Agapova as she struggled to secure a takedown. Commentary speculated that Robertson would have some new cauliflower ear as a result. However, Robertson utilized her offensive BJJ in R2 to wrap up a textbook RNC, leaving Agapova stiff.

Robertson Reacts To Breaking Records

Gillian Robertson
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Speaking to media following the bout, Robertson reacted to breaking multiple divisional records.

“I [broke] it for most finishes for just my division… [for] most submissions for a woman. And I know that I even beat the boys flyweights with I believe it’s submissions and tied finishes with the boys flyweights too.”

However, as Aaron Bronsteter pointed out on Twitter, Robertson broke multiple divisional records:

  • Most Fights (13)
  • Most Finishes (7)
  • Most Submissions (6)
  • Top Position Time
  • Top Position Percentage
  • Submission Attempts

She also ties Demetrious Johnson for most flyweight finishes and overtakes him for most submissions.

As if smashing multiple records in her own weight class wasn’t enough, Robertson is chasing all time submission leader, Charles Oliveira. Oliveira leads the promotional record with 16, so Robertson still has a long way to go.

“I just gotta keep on looking at Charles Oliveira’s submission record. He’s at 16 now. I gotta catch up to that.”

Do you think Robertson has a chance to catch Oliveira?

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