Sunday, November 27, 2022

Helwani Denies Being In Showtime Doghouse After Paul Beef

Ariel Helwani is finally addressing the rumors surrounding the reason he has not been hosting media events leading up to Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva.

Over the last few weeks, Helwani and Paul have been going back and forth over the way the YouTube boxer acted towards former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, with the MMA reporter going so far as to say that this behavior discredits any of Paul’s previous attempts to rally behind fighter pay.

Because of this, it was somewhat hard to miss the fact that the Canadian was missing from the recent press conference that Paul did with Silva, with many theorizing that it was due to the beef.

Ariel Helwani Knows The Truth

With all of these rumors suggesting that Ariel Helwani was blackballed by Showtime from helping to promote Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva, the journalist was left with little choice but to address the situation. Speaking in an episode of the MMA Hour recently, he explained what really happened, and why he was not at the press conference.

First, Helwani paid respect to Chael Sonnen, who took over the role of mediator for this event, saying that the three-time UFC title challenger should be given more opportunities like this. He then explained that the reason for his absence was simply because he has a conflicting schedule and was not asked by Showtime but will be appear at events down the road.

“Not once was anything brought up to me, and by the way I work for Showtime when I do those. So maybe Jake says ‘Hey, I don’t want this guy there,’ it’s possible they’ll be like ‘Yeah alright, you’re out.’ I’ve certainly seen that before. But I get paid and work for Showtime for those events,” Helwani said.

“No one, including anyone by the way on Jake’s side, said ‘You effed up, we hate you, you’re out, you’re done, we’re banning you,’ all that stuff. I get the timing might be funky, but again, guys remember I only did one press conference ever… So here I am. No controversy, and I’m being honest. And honestly, I think Chael should do all of them, he’s great,” Helwani added.

It is good to see that, as far as anyone can tell, Ariel Helwani is not on the outs with Showtime over some squabbling with Jake Paul. It is also quite clear that he was happy that Chael Sonnen got the chance to shine in his absence.

Did you miss seeing Ariel Helwani at the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva presser?