Monday, December 5, 2022

Jake Paul Officially Calls Out Floyd Mayweather

After rumors and speculation, Jake Paul has officially confirmed that he is interested in boxing Floyd Mayweather.

If there is one thing that combat sports has shown over the years, it is that anything is possible. Many fans never expected to see Mayweather box YouTuber Logan Paul, but yet they still wound up throwing down in an exhibition match.

Jake Paul Wants Floyd Mayweather

In the build up to the bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, Logan’s brother and fellow YouTuber turned boxer, Jake started a bit of beef with the former boxing champion, going viral by stealing his hat on film. This history, combined with the fact that they have been trading barbs online recently, has made people wonder if a fight between them is possible in the near future.

As it turns out, this is exactly what the younger Paul brother wants to have happen, taking to his Twitter to officially call out Mayweather for a fight after “Pretty Boy” Floyd scored a knockout in an exhibition fight against Mikuru Asakura at Rizin 38.

Here, he not only attacked Mayweather’s legacy, but questioned why Floyd keeps bringing up the weight difference between the two, when he was not bothered by the bigger weight difference against Logan.

“I can’t believe what’s going on in the world. I can’t believe this is real. Floyd I will fight you, and you know that’s one of the biggest fights in boxing. I weigh 175, you weigh 165, we can get that done, make a couple hundred million dollars,” Paul said. “But what will your excuse be? You didn’t care what my brother weighed. So why do you care what I weigh? Oh, ’cause you know. You know what’s going to happen.”

Jake Paul has been insisting that Floyd Mayweather is afraid to fight him, and this is a sentiment that he continues to keep here. Moreover, he said that he wants to take the 0 in Mayweather’s record, just like he stole Mayweather’s hat.

Of course, before a fight between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather can be made, the YouTuber must first get past Anderson Silva. Not to mention, there’s talks of a fight with Nate Diaz still circulating around, so time will tell what ends up happening.

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