Monday, November 28, 2022

Jake Shields Brings OJ Simpson Into Ariel Helwani Feud

Jake Shields has pulled out one from the archives, as he posted a picture of Ariel Helwani with accused double-murderer O.J Simpson.

Jake Shields, former Strikeforce middleweight champion and UFC title challenger, posted the picture in retaliation to a few posts by the journalist that took aim at the fighter. The two often exchange unpleasantries, with Shield’s failed USADA tests a subject that is focused on by the reporter.

Many of the Twitter spectators of the Ariel Helwani vs. Jake Shields sparring match have Helwani winning by a nose. The MMA media stalwart is educated with his words and has a huge online presence.

The rehashing of this old problem was started by Jake Shields making mention of an incident last year. He made fun of Helwani for wearing a mask, and according to him, Helwani hasn’t gotten over it.

“Your really gonna pretend like this didn’t happen? We both know it’s 100% true,” Shields posted on his Twitter account. “Why wear the mask if you’re so mad that I posted the pic of you wearing it? honestly answer the question. I thought your total freak out was Weird over a joke and clearly, you aren’t over it.”

Entrepreneurial mastermind Paulo Costa was even dragged into the mix. The Brazillian is on good terms with both men, having regularly appeared on Helwani’s shows. He was also spotted training his ground game with Jake Shields during the week of UFC 279. He now is in a tough spot and has tried to play peacemaker.

Jake Shields Vs Ariel Helwani With Costa As Referee

Costa politely asked if he could say something, to the whole of Twitter. When he received the positive confirmation, he told the pair to “Let’s be kind” and “less hateful, more lovely” before reminding the American and the Canadian that all three of them are American patriots.

What do you make of this feud between Ariel Helwani and Jake Shields?