Saturday, November 26, 2022

Jamahal Hill’s UFC 4 Patience Expires After Nickal/Rosas Additions

Jamahal Hill has decided not to sit silently as the newest roster additions to the UFC 4 video game does not include him.

One of the major themes of #6-ranked light heavyweight Jamahal Hill’s UFC career is what he feels has been a consistent lack of promotion. Hill has made such claims dating as far back as the very beginning of 2021. Since then, he has continued to rack up wins and maintain an active social media presence that includes comedy skits and high fan interaction.

In 2022, Hill began to see the promotional fruits of his labor, as he found himself in not one but two main events this year.

UFC Vegas Poster

First, he defeated Johnny Walker via KO in February, taking home Performance of the Night in the process. Then, he emerged victorious in a Fight of the Night battle against Thiago Santos last month, with yet another TKO/KO added to his growing list of finishes.

With a 5-1 promotional record and top-10 ranking, Hill has proclaimed himself to be the most successful alum from Dana White‘s Contender Series. When Hill received pushback from budding superstar Sean O’Malley for that claim, he reminded “Sugar” and his fans that he was referring to Octagon success and not a popularity contest.

Jamahal Hill Points To UFC 4 Exclusion As An Example Of Lacking Promotion

Despite Hill’s successes in the line of battle, he was not included on the initial roster for UFC 4. Hill took notice of this exclusion and shared his perplexity with his Twitter followers back in 2020.

“The new UFC 4 video game has some suspect fighters in it over me,” Hill wrote with a thinking emoji included.

As the game continued to make additions to the UFC 4 roster that did not include him, the rising light heavyweight did not belabor the matter and instead opted to remain active in his own self-promoting efforts both inside and outside of the cage. This included back in June, when the game added Paddy Pimblett, Molly McCann, Paul Craig, and Tom Aspinall.

However, when the UFC made the decision to add two fighters to the game this week who are yet to even officially debut in the UFC, Hill could no longer stay muted.

The two biggest stories from this year’s season of Dana White’s Contender Series were undoubtedly the blazing hot prospect Bo Nickal and the historic 17-year-old sensation Raul Rosas Jr. Both fighters earned a contract with their performances on the show and were added to the video game earlier this week.

Watching two newcomers yet to debut added while himself still remaining outside of the game despite winning back-to-back main events and also being a DWCS alum proved too much for Hill to stomach, as evident by his reaction Friday to these latest UFC 4 additions.

“I was never trippin about being in the game but this shit is funny!!! Anything to not promote me but yet use my ideas and content!!! I see what it is and I’m good with it just miss me with that fake “we love em” bs and all that!!” Hill wrote.

It seems only a matter of time before Hill gets added to the UFC 4 given the year he’s had, fan-friendly fighting style, and placement in the UFC rankings.

Then again, it has been two years and there are still no signs of UFC 4 gamers having “Sweet Dreams.” And while his frustrations are obviously the most visible, he is certainly not the only person to notice his conspicuous absence.

What say you? Does Jamahal Hill have a legitimate gripe here for still being excluded from UFC 4 while new signees like Bo Nickal and Raul Rosas Jr. are added?