Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Johnny Walker Details How Cartoons Shaped Fighting Style

Johnny Walker is as close to a real life cartoon character as you may find in the UFC, so it is not surprising that he has taken a lot of inspiration from that medium.

Win or lose, Walker has gained a reputation in the UFC for his bizarre and unique style and personality. Whether he is injuring himself with post fight celebrations, tripping on stage, or using a flying knee to send his opponents to the ether, you never know what to expect from his fights.

Johnny Walker Copied Cartoons

With how bizarre and over the top he is, people have always wondered where Johnny Walker got his creative personality. This is a question that he finally answered while speaking in a recent interview.

Here, the 30-year-old light heavyweight prospect revealed that he has spent most of his life copying from cartoons and video games, finding his creative nature through these outlets. This was something that he carried with him into adulthood, where he would copy moves for his fighting style from what he would see in front of him.

“I think I was born with (the creativity). I just was born with it, and how I grew up watching movies and playing video games, and trying to copy things. Like, when I was young, I was really good at copying. I see a cartoon, and I would copy the cartoon… That’s just a special gift I have for the fight game. I see something, some move that I try to copy, and I can copy it easily… I learn quickly,” Walker explained.

Well, this is an interesting bit of information about Johnny Walker. He is not the only fighter to admit that he picks up moves from TV or video games. Now he has had the opportunity to refine those moves under the tutelage of John Kavanaugh and will have one more chance to put them to good use when he takes on Ion Cutelaba at UFC 279 on September 10th.

Could you learn to fight from watching cartoons?

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