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Archives: José Aldo Trash-Talks Conor McGregor After Being Drug Tested (2015)

On this day seven years ago, José Aldo threw some trash talk towards his UFC 194 opponent, Conor McGregor.

The lead-up to José Aldo vs. Conor McGregor’s UFC 194 bout is one of the most memorable in company history. The two went on an international media tour, with McGregor dishing out arguably the best trash talk of his career during the lead up. However, months ahead of their clash, Aldo decided to dish out his own brand of trash talk fresh off of a USADA drug test.

Of course, McGregor would ultimately get the last laugh when he knocked out Aldo in 13 seconds in the main event of the evening. Aldo would never reclaim UFC gold afterwards.

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Seven years later, both Aldo and McGregor remain on the active UFC roster and the trash talk and bad blood has long since ended between the two. In fact, leading into Aldo’s most recent bout against Merab Dvalishvili at UFC 278, McGregor did the complete opposite of trash-talk his former foe.

Instead, he issued out words of encouragement, although Aldo would ultimately wind up on the losing end to Dvalishvili via unanimous decision. As for McGregor, he is expected to return to competition early next year.

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On This Day Seven Years Ago…


Headline: José Aldo Trash-Talks Conor McGregor After Being Drug Tested

Author: David Bixenspan

Last night, UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo was randomly drug tested by the United States Anti-Doping Agency in advance of his December 12th fight with UFC Interim Featherweight Conor McGregor.

Once he was done and received the paperwork from USADA, he quickly took to Instagram to call out and mock McGregor:

“Hey, Irish sucker! Have you already done your drug test or they don’t have it in Ireland ? I DID IT TODAY! I wanna do it again next week! How about you ? Are you ready for it, you punk ?!?”

Back in June, USADA had not yet started handling UFC testing. When the Aldo vs. McGregor fight was originally scheduled for UFC 189, the Nevada State Athletic Commission hired Drug Free Sport to send a tester (Ben Mosier) to Brazil to collect specimens from Aldo.

At the time, it was big news, with Aldo providing two samples, neither of which were tested. The first was accidentally knocked on the ground by Aldo and spilled. The second was deemed invalid when Mosier was separated from the sample.

Why he was separated from the sample was one of the year’s stranger stories. At the time, the story coming out of Aldo’s camp was that Mosier didn’t have the proper visa to enter Brazil, so he was detained when Andre Pederneiras, Aldo’s coach and manager, got a feeling something was wrong.

According to the drug testing summary for UFC 189 (PDF) released by the NSAC, that wasn’t exactly the case. Chris Guinty of Drug Free Sport sent a statement that not only assured the NSAC that Mosier’s visa was valid, but also told his story of what exactly happened:

Just after 11:30 am, an off‐duty Brazilian federal police officer who was on‐site training as a MMA fighter confiscated Ben Mosier’s passport and claimed he had an incorrect work visa. The officer said he was authorized to conduct business, but not collect urine samples (see comment above about the visa application). The federal police officer threatened to arrest and deport Ben Mosier for unauthorized performance of work.

“While detaining Ben Mosier at the training facility, the federal police officer relayed a story of being detained in the United States when returning to Brazil following a previous fight. The officer claimed to Ben Mosier that he was detained by law enforcement officials for 24 hours and was treated poorly, noting that he was treating Ben Mosier in a more pleasant manner. The officer made it a point to advise that this detainment was not revenge for his past detainment, and he had the right to transport Ben to a local detention facility for processing.”

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