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Kamaru Usman Responds To Accusations Of Using PEDs

Kamaru Usman has recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show, discussing the accusations of PED (performance-enhancing drug) usage against him.

Recently unburdened of his welterweight title by Leon Edwards, Usman has spoken of the weight lifted since the knockout loss. Amongst the more interesting discussions was Kamaru Usman, who addressed rumours of PED usage by the star.

“Of course, people accuse me all the time, and I never really told my story. So one day I kept seeing people tagging me in this video. It’s some f****** guy, some dumbass that is on YouTube that swears he can spot people on PEDs.”

MorePlatesMoreDates is the Youtuber referred, a self-confessed PED user, advocate, and former Rogan guest. Usman, though, has what is actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for what Derek from the More Plates More Dates channel points to as key evidence in the tearing down of Usman, strange marks on his stomach.

“So they point to marks on my stomach. I have five scars on my stomach. You know, like burn discolouration on my stomach. So they took that and came up with this whole theory about it. It kind of hurt my feelings.”

Kamaru Usman, AP

While Rogan explained that Usman should take it as a compliment, he retorted:

“Okay, so here’s the story. I was a little self-conscious about it, I was in college, and this was my junior year. I started getting these moles, on my stomach and on my hand. I’m one of those clean freaks like I always shower right after practice. So I start scratching it, and it starts bleeding, so I’m like damn, this is irregular.”

After deciding it was perhaps best to seek medical advice, He went to the team doctor. Usman was told not to worry, these were non-cancerous moles, common even. Usman though asked how to get rid of them anyway, and was informed that burning them off was a solution. Apparently, young Usman’s vanity won over and he had the procedure done.

“So I’m still training heavily during the summer because I was just like an addict of wrestling. I wanted to catch up to everybody and exceed everybody. So the summer was the time for me to catch up.”

Usman Talks MorePlatesMoreDates

Wrestling took precedent for the NCAA-bound Usman, who seemed to pay little mind to his recent cosmetic procedure.

“So I wrestled, and later that evening, I get in the shower. I’m showering and all of a sudden, just burning. So I look down, and I’ve like scraped them off. I was told to just leave them and they would fall off on their own, but my dumb ass wrestled”

This led to the permanent scarring that many use as a case against the former pound-for-pound king. This was due to the repeated use of Neosporin according to Usman. It is now, in hindsight, easy to understand “The Nigerian Nightmares” annoyance at the accusations.

“So then its guy is like ‘Oh, He’s doing PEDs’. Look, he’s got marks on his stomach, and he hurt my feelings. I’m like one of those guys, I don’t even think about PEDs because of my work. I probably have dealt with someone who is cheating or fought someone who is cheating, but my work exceeds all of that. So when I see idiots online, I’m like, have you been to Africa? There are a lot of Francis Ngannou‘s walking around.”

Joe Rogan closes out the segment by remarking that if he did not know Usman, he would assume he was on PEDs. Why he felt the need to share that with the world, we will never know.

Has Usman cleared himself of the PED charges brought against him by MPMD?

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