Monday, October 3, 2022

Kevin Holland Debuts Yet Another Nickname Ahead of UFC 279

It seems that Kevin Holland is looking to break Diego Sanchez’s record for UFC fighter with the most amount of nicknames.

Holland is one of the most interesting members of the cast of characters filling up the UFC roster. The middleweight turn welterweight prospect has made a name for himself based on his tendency to have exciting fights, while talking trash to fighters the whole time, as well as for moonlighting in his seemingly now-former role as a part-time superhero.

Kevin Holland is Smackman

It only makes sense that a creative person like Kevin Holland would have a plethora of nicknames that he has donned over the years, with Big Mouth, Blackman, and Trailblazer among the most popular. However, it seems that ahead of his UFC 279 appearance, he is looking to adopt another moniker.

Another thing that Holland does, which has gotten him attention, is slapping his opponents with an open hand during their fights, in the spirit of the Diaz brothers.

With Nate Diaz headlining UFC 279 in what many expect to be his final UFC fight, some were wondering if Holland may do his own “Stockton Slap,” but he made it clear to media ahead of the fight, that his brand of slapping is different than the Diaz-branded one, and that he can start being called “Smackman to represent his potentness with the palm.

“I mean, I slap people pretty much every fight, whether it’s an up-close combat fight, or distant slap, or we’re just on the ground and I do a little backhand because I feel like that. I mean, I slap people pretty much every fight,” Holland said. “And it’s not a Stockton slap. My boy calls it an Agtown Slap, somebody else calls it this, calls it that. I’m just the Smackman and I’m smacking anything that’s in my way.”

While this may not be an official name change for Kevin Holland, it still adds to the mythos that he is building, the further along his career progresses. With a two-fight win streak under his belt, a victory over the red-hot Khamzat Chimaev could take “Smackman” within slapping distance of a welterweight title shot.

Will you do any Stockton slaps in honor of Nate Diaz at UFC 279?

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