Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Kevin Holland Quits Being A Superhero After Getting Arrested

UFC welterweight Kevin Holland can you tell that being a real-life superhero is all fun in games until you are the one in the handcuffs.

Holland became one of the UFC’s standouts during the early part of the pandemic, for his willingness to fight quickly and his apparent ability to talk smack throughout the entirety of fights, while still delivering exciting bouts and fun finishes.

However, it was the antics outside of the cage that have really cemented his place as a legend, as he has gotten a reputation for catching criminals in the act and using his MMA skills to subdue them until police arrive, doing so enough times that he has been given superhero comparisons.

Kevin Holland Hangs Up the Cape and Tights

Now it seems that Kevin Holland is putting his crime fighting days behind him, after having his own run-in with the law, in Saginaw, Texas. Here, as he told TMZ in a recent interview, he was arrested during a traffic stop, due to some unpaid fines, and was forced to be booked and sit at the jail for a few hours until the fines were paid with the cash he had on hand.

“I’m like ‘Bro, I just literally stopped, like, a shooting a week ago, and y’all gonna book me for some tickets. For some tickets that I can pay right now.'” Holland said.

When asked if he had been given any sort of medal or recognition by the mayor for his repeated good deeds, Holland jokingly said that they instead gave him a middle finger and told him to stay out of their way. So that is why he decided to put his days of crimefighting behind him, at least in his hometown.

“I ain’t doing nothing in Saginaw no more man. I’ll help everybody else anywhere else, but if you in Saginaw, I ain’t helping you man.”

The frustrations of Kevin Holland are certainly understandable, and it makes sense as to why he may not want to help fight crime in this town anymore. As for his career inside the Octagon, he is set to take on Daniel Rodriguez at UFC 279 on September 10th.

Will this be the beginning of Kevin Holland’s villain arc?

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