Monday, October 3, 2022

Chimaev Gives Holland A Reminder After Being Called “Fake”

UFC welterweight contender Khamzat Chimaev has hit back at Kevin Holland’s allegations of being a fraud to earn box office points.

Chimaev will face Nate Diaz in the UFC 279 main event this Saturday in Las Vegas. He is looking to remain unbeaten in his professional career and potentially earn a welterweight title shot.

Chimaev is getting his first taste of being in a UFC main event, which could be the first of many. He most recently defeated Gilbert Burns in a main card bout at UFC 273 earlier this year.

Chimaev is never short of confidence ahead of his fights, as evidenced by his tendency for pre-fight trash-talking and promises. He has assured fans that he’ll put on not only a dominant performance against Diaz but take his head.

Holland, like Chimaev, isn’t afraid to speak his mind. That includes his thoughts on his fellow fighting colleagues.

During the UFC 279 pre-fight media day, Holland gave an honest opinion on Chimaev and his persona.

“I feel like he likes the f*cking media,” Holland said of Chimaev. “I feel like he only does this extra wannabe street sh*t when the media is around. Other than that, he doesn’t do it. I mean, when you guys aren’t around he wants to do fist bumps and he wants to be your best friend. When you guys are around, all of a sudden he’s like, ‘Agh, I’ll rip your f*cking head off.’ He ain’t ripping sh*t off, dog. Let’s be real. He wants a paycheck, just like the rest of these guys around here.” (h/t MMA Junkie)

Holland and others feel that Chimaev’s ‘kill everybody’ attitude is a farce and isn’t true to who he is. He also got into a confrontation earlier this week with Paulo Costa over at the UFC Performance Institute that was stopped before it turned physical.

Khamzat Chimaev & Kevin Holland Go At It Over “Fake” Comments

Under an Instagram post about Holland’s comments, Chimaev didn’t take long to issue a heated response.

“Did you forget that last slap I gave you at the hotel? Do you want one more?” Chimaev exclaimed.

Holland didn’t take more than an hour to respond to Chimaev’s challenge.

“Slap lol boy you pushed like your in middle school then ran to your corners,” Holland said. “Not to mention you tried for a fist bump me to say sorry. Your [CAP] kid.”

Holland is referencing a physical altercation he had with Chimaev at UFC Vegas 6 last year. The two had brief words before Chimaev attempted to choke and push Holland before cooler heads intervened.

Holland is set to face Daniel Rodriguez in a catchweight bout this Saturday. The fight came to fruition fairly recently and Holland will look to earn another short-notice victory.

Tensions are high with just hours before one of the biggest cards of the year and Chimaev and Holland may follow up their words with actions ahead of fight night.

What are your thoughts on the Khamzat Chimaev/Kevin Holland beef?

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