Saturday, September 24, 2022

Laura Sanko Explains How Close She Is To Making UFC History

Laura Sanko is breaking barriers as a UFC commentator.

There are many moving parts that go into a UFC production. From the athletes to the commentators, to all the people behind the scenes, it all works perfectly in order. For the UFC Contender Series, Laura Sanko has played a part in that production since the beginning. She alongside Dan Hellie and Brendan Fitzgerald has been calling the fights since 2017.

Sanko got her to start with the UFC doing the pre- or post-fight interviews but has moved to the cage side commentary team on Tuesday nights. She has a dream to be able to become the first woman to call a Fight Night event or a Pay-Per-View in the future and spoke to Inside Fighting about how close that dream is to becoming reality.

“I didn’t come into this role because I had a broadcasting background, I had a fight background, which I think probably tells you a lot about my mindset and my drive, so that translates over to what I’m doing now,” she said. “And yeah, of course, I want to be able to call a ‘real UFC fight.’

“That is the goal. I think we’re close, I think we’re really, really close to being able to make that happen. I feel really blessed to work with a great group of guys, all of my male counterparts have been incredibly supportive, and all the way to the top. I mean, no bigger champion of me in this role than Dana White himself. So I feel like I’m in good hands.”

Laura Sanko Believes ‘Former Fighter’ Mindset Fuels Her Determination

Sanko had a short MMA fighting career before making the transition over to the media side of the sport. She had one professional fight, a win in Invicta FC back in 2013. Sanko feels that because she never left a mark in MMA through fighting she can perhaps do it through the mic.

“Anybody that is really passionate about their work, regardless of what field they’re in I think we all want to leave our mark in one way or another on the world, right? Whether it’s through being a mom and leaving your mark on your children or being a Hall of Fame football player, I think we all want to leave some sort of legacy behind us and so for me, not continuing my fighting career, I had a very short fighting career, this is my way of being able to leave my little fingerprint on the sport forever,” she said. “It means the world to me to be able to do that because records can be broken but there’s only one first.”

The fans have taken to Sanko and her commentary skills. They have been calling for her to get more opportunities in the multitude of UFC broadcasts. It seems that fans might be getting what they wish for as Sanko can be seen doing interviews and more for the organization.

Would you like to see Laura Sanko commentate on a UFC Fight Night event?

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