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Legend Gene LeBell’s Life Is Set To Be Made Into A Book And Film

Gene LeBell was a legend in the world of combat sports and now his legacy will live on.

Gene LeBell was a man who lived a full and adventurous life. He was known as one the best stuntmen in his early days and his influence in the worlds of mixed martial arts and wrestling still live on today.

LeBell was nicknamed “The Godfather of Grappling” and is often credited for the rise of grappling in MMA. He had experience in judo and jiu-jitsu and was the genius behind some of the greatest fighters in the world.

Lebell lived a very interesting life. He was the inspiration for the character Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Many people loved him and following his death in August of this year, some of the biggest names in sports and Hollywood came forward to remember him and share their stories.

Gene LeBell’s Life Will Now Be Enshrined In A Book And TV Project Or Film

Those who knew him knew that LeBell was quite a character. One man who LeBell had an influence on was journalist and author Mark Jacobs. Jacobs wrote an article about LeBell for Sports Illustrated back in 1995, entitled “Tough Guys Wear Pink” an homage to LeBell and his pink Judo gi. The story was so interesting that people wanted to know more about this legend’s life, and now 30 years later they will get their wish.

Gene LeBell Ronda Rousey

Along side producer Mike Flint, Jacobs is writing the upcoming biography and the pair are hoping to turn it into a film or TV series according to Newswires. He had many students throughout his life who could be featured or portrayed in the book and film. Most notable are Ronda Rousey, Sugar Ray Robinson, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Bas Rutten, and Chuck Norris.

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