Thursday, October 6, 2022

Li Jingliang Got “Robbed” And Has The Tanktop To Prove It

Li Jingliang has made a fashion statement, as well as one about his recent bout outcome at UFC 279 with the aid of a pen and a tanktop.

The Chinese welterweight took a short notice bout against Daniel Rodriguez at a 180 catchweight, with his opponent being around 10lbs bigger than him. None of that seemed to matter though, as it looked like Li Jingliang had done enough to secure the win. The judges, though, went the other way, leaving “The Leech” feeling hard done by.

The lovable scrapper spoke on The MMA Hour about his feelings towards the bout.

“Yes, of course, I think it won the fight. D-Rod is a good striker. You know, we watched tape for the few hours we had before the fight, and he is a counterpuncher. That is why you didn’t see me go forward, as usual, I waited for him to come to me to punch him.”

Dana White, Li Jingliang, Daniel Rodriguez
© Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Li Jingliang Talks D-Rod Weight

Li Jingliang also made a guess as to the weight of Rodriguez come fight night.

“I don’t have an exact number, but if I was to guess I would say D-Rod would have weighed around 195-200lbs in the cage. I was only 183 lbs. in the cage, I checked before I left the hotel. So definitely, he is the much heavier man.”

Li Jingliang then confirmed that he felt he had indeed been robbed despite the shirt being an obvious indicator. He was happy that everyone got to fight but conceded he had gotten the short end of the stick.

“Yes, of course, I think I won that fight. When Bruce Buffer declared the result, I couldn’t believe that. It is already an awful match-up, and the result just made it worse.”

Clearly feeling as though he is the true victor, Li Jingliang would like answers.

“I can accept loss, but please tell me why. Those three judges, please explain to me why I lost.”

Do you think Li Jingliang was robbed this weekend?

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