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Liddell’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him Of ‘Increasing Violence’ Due To CTE

Legal documents from the custody battle between Chuck Liddell and his ex-wife Heidi Northcutt have revealed some troubling admissions about the former UFC champion’s health.

Last October, news emerged that the light heavyweight legend had been arrested for domestic battery of his wife. The initial report stated that a fight broke out at their Los Angeles home, with police concluding that a verbal dispute between the former MMA star and his wife had turned physical.

But following his release, Liddell claimed that he was actually the victim of the assault but had offered to go to jail in place of his partner.

Ultimately, the Los Angeles District Attorney decided not to pursue charges, with authorities determining that no significant injuries had been sustained to either party.

The aftermath of the incident is still being felt, though, with the pair in the midst of a custody battle following Liddell’s decision to file for divorce days after his arrest. And while making her case in proceedings, Liddell’s wife has suggested that the breakdown of their marriage derived from the former UFC champion’s deteriorating mental health.

Liddell’s Ex Speculates “Traumatic Brain Injury” As Reason For Worrying Behavior

In documents obtained by The Blast, a summary of claims made during Heidi Northcutt’s professional evaluation — which was required of both by the court as part of the custody dispute — can be seen.

After noting instances of paranoia, Northcutt claimed that Liddell had become “increasingly violent,” which she was concerned had come about due to the damage that a career of fighting has done to his brain.

“Ms. Liddell also stated that Mr. Liddell has had a lot of paranoia and accused her of a lot of things. He also became very worried that she was going to leave him after he lost his job in 2017. Ms. Liddell also claimed that Mr. Liddell has become increasingly violent. She stated that this last thing that happened was not typical, and she was concerned that he had experienced traumatic brain injury.”

She went on to explain that the 52-year-old’s violence went beyond the family home, alleging that “The Iceman” has knocked out friends and others in his pursuit of “street drugs.”

“Ms. Liddell also claimed that Mr. Liddell has been violent with non-family members. She claimed that Mr. Liddell has knocked out friends when they tried to help him and used to beat people up for street drugs. She stated that Mr. Liddell loved to fight and would not let someone get out of fighting him. She said, ‘He’s been fighting people and beating people up since he was in Kindergarten.'”

Assessing the possible impact that Liddell’s health has had on his apparent behavior, Northcutt cited the veteran fighter’s past knockouts and struggle with CTE as possible explanations, noting his troubles with speech and sleep.

“When asked if she had any specific concerns about Mr. Liddell, with respect to his physical health, Ms. Liddell replied, ‘Yes, he’s been knocked out many times and has CTE. He can’t remember stuff and gets stuck on speech. He’s going to have dementia or Alzheimer’s. He has terrible sleep apnea.’

“With regard to Mr. Liddell’s mental health, Ms. Liddell expressed concern regarding Mr. Liddell’s depression, his constantly needing to escape through drugs and alcohol, and his impulsivity.”

During his own professional interview, Liddell confirmed instances of drug and alcohol usage in the past, but insisted that he now only takes medication for ADHD.

According to the report, a November hearing is scheduled for the case. Following their evaluations, the doctors involved advised that the pair’s children should be with both of them, recommending that “the parents continue to share equally and jointly, both legal and physical custody of the children.”

Heidi Northcutt, Chuck Liddell
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Given the involvement of alcohol and drug claims, they also advised that both parents should agree to random testing. The custody decision, however, will ultimately be up to a judge.

What do you make of Chuck Liddell’s ex-wife’s claims?

All quotes h/t The Blast

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