Thursday, December 1, 2022

Rizin President Apologizes For ‘Vile’ Disrespect To Mayweather

President of Rizin, Noboyuki Sakakibara, has issued an apology for some of the behavior Floyd Mayweather experienced at Rizin 38.

Mayweather made his return to Japan when he took on Mikuru Asakura at Rizin 38, a whole four years after his last appearance under the Rizin banner, when he knocked out Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018. Much like that debut, “Money” was able to score another quick night at the office, earning a knockout at the very end of the second round.

Noboyuki Sakakibara Apologizes To Floyd Mayweather

Prior to this fight, as is often customary during Japanese combat sports events, there was a ceremony where the fighters were presented with flowers. Only the gentleman tasked with handing Floyd Mayweather his flowers was not particularly happy about doing so, instead tossing them to the ground in a clear act of disrespect.

While relatively innocuous on its own, apparently Rizin President Noboyuki Sakakibara was extremely displeased at the treatment Mayweather received prior to his second bout with the promotion. He took to Instagram after the event to apologize for the behavior of this individual, promising that it will never happen again.

“Thank you for all who attended, and tuned in for today’s event. I truly appreciate all 22 fighters from the bottom of my heart. And again, we deeply apologize for letting such a vile individual step into the sacred ring. We promise that we will make sure such actions will never be taken place ever again,” Sakakibara wrote.

While it did not seem to bother Floyd Mayweather, it is clear that this type of behavior went against the normal, respectful nature that Japanese martial arts is known for. This is a kind gesture from Noboyuki Sakakibara to address the concerns that he felt, and apologize for any perceived disrespect.

Did you find the behavior of this man disrespectful towards Floyd Mayweather?