Sunday, September 25, 2022

McGregor Responds To “What Are You Using” Inquiry Amid Bulk-Up

Conor McGregor is looking big these days, and he is crediting a very specific recipe for his growth.

Conor McGregor seems to be enjoying life without fighting. The Irish superstar has been out of competition for over a year now and has been making some gains. McGregor suffered a leg break in his last fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. Since then, he has been working on his recovery and healing up. McGregor has been sharing his journey to recovery with fans on social media.

The types of posts McGregor often makes are usually of him doing some training, him on his boat, or with his family. In these posts, fans have begun to point out that McGregor looks much bigger than he used to be. This massive growth has led fans to insinuate that he is perhaps using some performance-enhancing drugs to bulk in his “off-season.”

McGregor took some time out to let his fans and haters know exactly what he is doing to put in size.

“Proper Twelve and Forged Irish Stout. Served alongside my own, organically grown, Irish beef, served on a hot stone. Tidl spray for pain,” he wrote on Twitter.

Conor McGregor Is Missing From The USADA Testing Pool

The UFC has a strict PED testing program and works with the U.S Anti-Doping Agency to randomly test their athletes throughout the year. Fighters must let the USADA know of their whereabouts in order to succumb to random testing both while in competition and out. Since McGregor is traveling all around the world on his boats and such, it would be very difficult to track him down for a test. Some believe that McGregor has pulled himself out of the testing protocol in order to bulk up.

According to the USADA testing site, McGregor has not been tested at all since 2022. To compare, he was tested 19 times in 2021. If he does not intend to return to competition for a while, he would not need to be tested, but if he is planning a return, he would have to undergo a reintroduction period of time before doing so.

An interesting tidbit to note, Anderson Silva had a similar type of leg break which he worked through to return to fighting. After his return, he tested positive for a banned substance. It was said at the time that he may have used them to strengthen the injured leg, although he claims now that it was not intentional.

What do you think of Conor McGregor’s bulked-up physique?

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