Sunday, November 27, 2022

Old McGregor Foe Makes Steroid Allegations Amid Recent Report

A familiar enemy of former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor has accused him of steroid usage following a recent report.

McGregor, who once held lightweight and featherweight gold simultaneously, has been on the sidelines since suffering a gruesome leg break in his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier last July at UFC 264.

Despite the setback, which came six months after he suffered a knockout loss to “The Diamond,” McGregor has appeared committed to a return. And that comeback appears to be edging ever closer.

After reports named early 2023 as a possible return date, McGregor has been seen sparring again and picking up the intensity of his training. But despite that, he’s still yet to be tested by USADA — in fact, barring some athletes signed after the start of last month, McGregor is the only active fighter to not have been paid a visit by the anti-doping agency.

That revelation was put forth by TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter last week. He wrote that even John Hathaway, who hasn’t appeared since 2014, and Travis Browne, who hasn’t fought since 2017, have been tested.

While some suggested that McGregor’s injury layoff could be the reason behind his test-free year, it was also noted that Chris Weidman has been tested four times. The former middleweight champion also suffered a broken leg in 2021, leaving him on the sidelines throughout this year.

Unsurprisingly, USADA’s decision to steer clear of McGregor in 2022 has led to many asking questions. The latest to do so is a man whom the Irishman has had his fair share of back and forth with.

Abdelaziz Makes McGregor Steroid Claims

Dominance MMA Management CEO Ali Abdelaziz hasn’t been shy about expressing his disdain for McGregor ever since the Irishman engaged in some extreme trash talk against his client, former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Despite that fight taking place four years ago, the pair have still exchanged words in recent times. Just last October, things peaked with McGregor telling Abdelaziz, “When you die I celebrate.” That remark came after the Egyptian manager labeled the UFC star a “punk b*tch” for continuing to post insults about Khabib.

Following the recent report about McGregor’s lack of testing this year, Abdelaziz pitched in with his two cents, claiming that steroid users “like McGregor” can utilize all the performance-enhancing drugs that they want in retirement before returning — something he branded a “joke.”

Ali Abdelaziz

“People who retired can take all the steroids they want just like McGregor does, and when they come back they even can claim it and clean it. It’s the biggest joke,” Abdelaziz wrote.

Taking a page out of McGregor’s Twitter book, Abdelaziz later deleted the post. In another tweet, he clarified that his words were by no means meant as an insult towards the USADA program or Jeff Novitzky, the current Senior Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance for the UFC

“Just to be clear about my last tweet, Jeff Novitsky is one of the most honorable people I had an experience working this industry and he really helped clean this sport and whatever I said was not directly towards Jeff or the program,” Abdelaziz clarified.

What do you make of Ali Abdelaziz’s take on Conor McGregor’s test-free year?