Thursday, September 29, 2022

Michael Bisping Labels Khamzat Chimaev UFC’s #1 Bad Guy

Michael Bisping labels Khamzat Chimaev UFC‘s #1 bad guy in his UFC 279 reaction video following Chimaev’s weigh-in controversy and subsequent performance.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know about Chimaev’s failed weigh in that saw his bout against Nate Diaz scrapped. Kevin Holland stepped up, demanding five rounds, but “Borz” didn’t even need one.

Chimaev and Holland scrambled, with some speculating that Holland would have escaped, had he been against anyone else on the roster. However, as Bisping points out, Chimaev was simply one step ahead of Holland at every avenue and cinched up the Darce choke.

Bisping labels Khamzat the UFC’s #1 bad guy and argues that this is exactly what Chimaev needed following losing to the scale.

“The UFC officially has a new supervillain. I am of course talking about Khamzat Chimaev. Borz. The Wolf… When he walked out to that fight, the boos from the crowd were like nothing I’ve ever heard… He didn’t make weight, he blamed it on the doctor… But then afterwards, he didn’t give a shit… he’s talking shit, then he’s talking about killing people left right and center… Last thing you want to do is walk out there and there’s a little golf clap… Well out there, Saturday night, 95% of the crowd wanted him to get his head popped off…

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“He’s a legit bad guy. He’s straight out of a Bond movie. The way he looks, the way he talks. ‘Brather, I’m going to kill everybody!’… The look, the lip, everything all about it… He needed that kind of performance. He caused the press conference to be cancelled, he didn’t make weight, the entire card got a shakeup in terms of who they were fighting… if you go out there and lose, or you have a boring fight, or just scrape by a decision, it’s not the best look.”

Bisping Calls For Covington Vs. Chimaev

Despite the enormous weight miss, Bisping believes the UFC will give him another opportunity at 170. Bisping notes that there are many options for Chimaev’s next opponent. He mentions Chimaev walking straight into a title shot at 170 but deems it unlikely, given the situation between Edwards and Usman.

Bisping also mentions a title shot at 185 against Israel Adesanya if he makes it past Alex Pereira. However, there’s one bout that Bisping wants in particular:

Colby Covington is one that I’d love to see. Colby is a fantastic wrestler himself, so could he nullify the wrestling of Khamzat? He’s is a cardio king, would he be able to outlast Khamzat and take him to the later round? There’s a lot of questions.”

Bisping is far from the first to call for a bout between Chimaev to fight the second best welterweight on the planet, with Jon Anik mentioning it last week before everything kicked off.

Who do you want to see Chimaev face next? Should he be forced to move up, or given another chance at 170?

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