Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Mike Jackson: If I Suck, Why Would You Want To Fight Me?

Mike Jackson has today returned fire at the fighters calling him out, pondering why, if he is so bad, they want to fight him.

Mike Jackson is perhaps best known as the man who was destroyed by Mickey Gall or who destroyed CM Punk. He failed to finish the pro-wrestling superstar and was seen as taking the bout less than seriously. His now infamous bolo punches irked many, including UFC President Dana White. Since that fight, Jackson has been subjected to several callouts.

Mike Jackson & Dean Barry
Image Credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

In his last bout, he defeated Dean Barry by disqualification, in a shocking bout that saw Barry released from the UFC for his performance. Barry groin shotted and eye-gouged his way to a loss, with Jackson was awarded the victory. Jackson now returns to face Pete Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 62.

While Jackson was talking about the strange situation of Rosas Jr, the newest contender series prodigy, he had this to say to TheAllStar about how he can relate to the 17-year-old.

“Fighters inside [The UFC] already won’t want to fight him [Rosas Jr], which is weird to me. But I’ll take myself as an example. You have all these people that say that I suck, you can’t fight, whatever, right. Then they’ll be like ”Oh, I wanna fight him” to get to the UFC. So you’re just thinking, that doesn’t even make sense. If I suck, then why do you wanna fight me?”

Mike Jackson makes a fair point, arguing that that leaves them with very little place to go post-fight.

“What comes after me? Some crazy killers, right? If you’re talking about being the best and being champion, and that’s what all these fighters are talking about. They are talking about this outside of the cage. Except me. I’m probably one of the only guys here for the s**** and giggles.”

Mike Jackson explained why if he did take the sport seriously, he would not call himself out. “If I think about it from a perspective where I wanna be the best, you don’t wanna fight the worst guy on the roster.”

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