Sunday, December 4, 2022

Watch: Mike Perry Engages In Brawl At Russia MMA Presser

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry took matters into his own hands when he felt he was being jumped by Russian MMA fighters while in Moscow this week.

Perry will corner his teammate, Alex Nicholson, in the latter’s return to the cage at Ren TV Fight Club this weekend. He is fresh off of a Bare Knuckle FC win over Michael ‘Venom’ Page at BKFC London earlier this year.

Perry is known to be an ‘anywhere at anytime’ type of fighter, as evidenced by a recent cageside brawl with then-future opponent Julian Lane while attending a BKFC event. While preparing to corner his teammate, Perry got into it with a member of another corner following the event’s pre-fight press conference.

Mike Perry Throws Hands With Russian Middleweight Magomed Ismailov

Watch below as Perry and middleweight Magomed Ismailov ignite a full-on brawl on the stage.

In a recent Instagram story post, Perry told his side of what led to the altercation.

“I almost got jumped in there but luckily people broke it up,” Perry said. “In Russia, if you call someone a ‘mother fucker,’ they think you talking about someone’s mom, so then the whole team comin’ to get you. But in America when you say ‘mother fucker,’ it’s like normal words, mother fucker. It’s normal, man, I’m not talking about your mama. Chill bro, one on one.”

It’s uncertain if Perry will be allowed to still corner Nicholson at the upcoming fight.

Perry isn’t ruling out a potential move back to MMA in the future. He’s become one of the biggest names in BKFC and could challenge for a world title.

Perry has been linked to a potential showdown with Nate Diaz in BKFC, although it’s uncertain if Diaz is interested. BKFC President Dave Feldman has tabbed a Perry/Diaz fight as a ‘dream matchup’.

Perry has proven to be always ready for a scrap, even if it’s thousands of miles across the world. Luckily, security personnel stepped in before either man got seriously hurt by the fight.

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