Sunday, September 25, 2022

Reality TV Star Details Nasty Jaw Injury After First MMA Fight

Married At First Sight star Mikey Pembroke had to undergo emergency surgery following his first MMA fight and victory last weekend.

The 31-year-old Pembroke, of MAFS fame, defeated his opponent at an Alta / Wake Your Warrior event. Wake Your Warrior was previously known as Wimp 2 Warrior, a 20-week program that transforms ordinary people into MMA fighters.

Despite winning his fight, Pembroke’s battle continued outside the cage after suffering severe facial injuries from the bout.

Mikey Pembroke
Pembroke’s Instagram

MAFS Star Mikey Pembroke Details Health Scare Following First Fight

Pembroke later shared on his Instagram story that he suffered a swollen and dislocated jaw due to the fight. He then ended up in the hospital where doctors drained his jaw of fluids in an attempt to relieve the swelling.

You can see a glimpse of Pembroke’s jaw injury below in a screenshot taken from a recent Instagram story post.

Pembroke’s Instagram Story

Pembroke was given ketamine to deal with the pain from the jaw injury. His condition has since improved and he left the hospital on Wednesday after a successful operation.

It’s uncertain if he intends to fight in MMA again, especially after this recent ordeal.

Pembroke’s story shows that the average human may not be fully equipped to enter MMA and shows how mentally and physically tough professional fighters are during their path to the top of the sport.

Would you fight in MMA after hearing Mikey Pembroke’s story?

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