Wednesday, December 7, 2022

GRAPHIC: Polish MMA Fighters Left Unrecognizable After War

There is no doubt that MMA is not a sport for everyone, and Polish MMA fighters Mateusz Makarowski and Krystian Blezien learned that the hard way at MMA Attack 4.

Heading into the event, Markarowski was riding a record of 8-4, while Blezien sat at 6-3 as a pro MMA fighter. They stepped into the cage at MMA Attack 4, an event held at the Będzin Arena, in Będzin, Poland, on September 24th, and little did they know that they would be leaving the arena each looking unrecognizable from the way they went in.

War At MMA Attack 4

While the amount of attention around MMA Attack 4 was likely subdued in comparison to other events, it has received a lot of eyes after the fact, solely due to the war put on by Mateusz Makarowski and Krystian Blezien at lightweight.

The results of this war left both men looking like they had been beaten within an inch of their lives, as these NSFW photos posted to Twitter show each combatant with fully swollen eyes and lips, each looking shockingly beaten up.

Be warned, the photos below are graphic.

This may not be the most graphic thing to come from MMA, but given the damage both Makarowski and Blezien have suffered, it would not be surprising to hear that this was a five-round war, but instead the bout went all three of its scheduled rounds. It was easily one of the craziest fights you will ever see.

While the first round was competitive, it was moderately paced, with Makarowski getting an early takedown and landing heavier shots, compared to Blezien’s high output. Things seriously picked up in the second round though, with both men starting to show damage from the heavy shots they were landing often, standing in the pocket and going tit for tat.

It was much of the same in the third round, with all of the fans attending MMA Attack 4 going nuts in the crowd with excitement at what they were witnessing. Both men showed undeniable toughness, and granite chins, but in the end, it was Mateusz Makarowski who would score the decision after 15 minutes of brutal action.

Check out the full fight below, starting at approximately 1:23:00.

This was an incredibly brutal fight, which likely brought a lot of extra attention to MMA Attack 4, but likely at the expense of several years off of the lives of Mateusz Makarowski and Krystian Blezien. Hopefully both men recover well, because at the moment they look like they stepped off of the set of a horror movie.

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