Sunday, December 4, 2022

MMA Fighter Wins Bout After Kidney Transplant

Stephen Todman of Marlborough, England has won his latest MMA fight after receiving a kidney transplant.

Mixed martial arts is a dangerous sport full of threats to the body of the fighters. Many fighters will suffer injuries in the cage that could have career-ending consequences.

Despite all of the risks, the fighters who devote their lives to participating in the sport and aim for greatness are prepared for the consequences. They train hard and prepare their bodies to take the damage. One man in Marlborough is not letting his health setback stop him from competing in the sport he loves.

Stephen Todman was the recipient of a new kidney after his failed. He received a new kidney last year and has been working his way back to health. He was determined to be the first person to enter an MMA fight following a kidney transplant, and that is exactly what he has done.

Stephen Todman 

Todman entered a fight at the Raged UK event on September 3. He won the bout by first-round KO in just nine seconds. The nature of his surgery and new kidney holds dangers in themselves other than the typical dangers of getting hit. He spoke to Wiltshire Times about why he wanted to return to fighting and how his condition affects his fighting style.

“I do have to be wary about how I’m protecting myself, how I’m moving, and what parts of me are presented as a target,” he said. “It was a great feeling. I have had absolutely no repercussions at all, and have felt no different to how I did before.”

A transplanted kidney is not protected by the ribcage as a natural one is. Because of his more venerable state, Todman is unsure if he will ever compete again but will continue to train and stay in the best shape he can.

He fought this bout to raise money for the Kidney UK organization. Those who would like to donate to Kidney UK can do so HERE.

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