Monday, December 5, 2022

MMA Fighter Wrote Threatening Note To Murdered Georgia Mom

It’s been revealed that a former MMA fighter allegedly wrote a chilling note threatening violence against his girlfriend’s family a year before her mother was murdered.

Coverage of the death of Debbie Collier has been widespread since the discovery of her body on September 11. A day before, the Athens, Georgia resident had sent daughter Amanda Bearden over $2,000 via Venmo, with a note that read, “They are not going to let me go, love you.”

In a gruesome discovery soon after the haunting note, the 59-year-old was found dead, with her body described as naked, charred, and tied to a tree. According to a police report seen by The US Sun, Collier’s body was also said to have been “grasping” a small tree.

Despite the troublesome note sent to her daughter, investigators aren’t considering Collier’s death as the result of a kidnapping, concluding that she wouldn’t have been able to use her phone to send Bearden money.

As the investigation into the homicide continues, some troubling details have emerged in relation to an amateur MMA fighter’s involvement with the family.

MMA Fighter’s Troubling Connection To Collier Revealed

Andrew Giegerich, who competed seven times as an amateur mixed martial artist between 2017 and 2018, has a long and concerning relationship history with Amanda Bearden, daughter of Debbie Collier.

The pair’s relationship, which has been described as on-and-off, has seen them live together in a house owned by Bearden’s stepfather and Debbie’s husband. Last May, Giegerich was arrested and charged with battery following a domestic dispute incident.

“Andrew Giegerich did intentionally cause visible bodily harm to Amanda Bearden, to wit: she had visible bruising to the right arm and shoulder,” his May 2021 arrest warrant stated. The police report also quoted Beardon’s stepfather as telling officers, “The violence between Bearden and the boyfriend was pretty constant over the entire time they have dated, spanning a couple of years.” (h/t New York Post)

In the report, Bearden claims that Giegerich screamed at her and attacked her, with police being shown bruises on her arms. A visit to her home also resulted in the discovery of a note that the MMA fighter allegedly wrote before leaving the house.

In it, Giegerich supposedly threatens Bearden’s family, writing, “If you or your family ever come near me again I will hurt them… Have a nice life you lying ass b*tch. Don’t ever contact me again!!!”

Note sent by MMA fighter Andrew Giegerich
Image: New York Post

Giegerich was arrested again last September after repeatedly banging on Bearden’s door. The 36-year-old claimed that she had been stealing his money in order to purchase drugs. Bodycam footage obtained by Fox News shows the MMA fighter being arrested having violated his probation by seeking access to Bearden’s home.

During the apprehension, Giegerich mentions Collier, as well as claiming that his previous arrest had been the result of something being ‘falsified’.

“I’ve been arrested before – the last time I got arrested because they falsified whatever, I mean her mom… I don’t know what the issue is here. I don’t know why I’m so unliked.” (h/t Daily Mail)

Giegerich was once again arrested on September 16, 2022, for violating a no-contact order. Despite that, the former fighter is said to still be living with Bearden having moved back in a couple of days prior to her mother’s disappearance.

He’s since admitted to having his phone confiscated in the aftermath of Collier’s murder, with police also obtaining a warrant to search Bearden’s home. However, Giegerich hasn’t been named as a suspect, with the police interactions described as normal investigative procedures.

During his MMA stint, Giegerich had his hand raised four times, once via first-round submission, with three stoppage losses in return. He hasn’t competed since suffering a second consecutive defeat in October 2018.

What do you make of the note that the MMA fighter allegedly directed at Debbie Collier’s family a year before her harrowing murder?